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What are you looking for?

Sometimes you are confronted with problems for which you have difficulty finding solutions.

Over the years, we have solved a multitude of challenges that you have thrown at us.

On several occasions, we have developed effective management solutions.


Are your needs outside our domains of expertise? We can definitely refer you to one of our trusted contacts or guide you in your research.

Whether you need equipment, products or services we are confident that our network of professionals will be able to help you.

Do not hesitate to consult us!


Evaluation Of The Situation

To do this, you must entrust us with the mandate to determine the flow of information of the forms within your organization as well as those of your clients or suppliers.

When we embark on a project, our first task is to evaluate the need.

The nature of the printed document and the information to be collected, broadcasted or archived are only some of the aspects we analyze.

Document Design

We pay attention to the slightest detail in achieving our goals:

   ·  Information quality
   · Information inputting
   · Processing tools

We use modern form design methods that allow you to visualize documents and measure the impact of improvements right from the design stage.

Harmonization of the Graphic Image

Whether there are several forms or types of printed documents, the harmonization of the graphic image plays an important role in the understanding and distribution of the documents that you publish.

Document Management

We offer different strategies for managing documents such as:

   · standardizing formats, colours and papers;
   · purchasing advice: quantities, groupings, etc.;
   · design of a printed documents catalogue;
   · distribution of the catalogue online or through the local network.

Periodic Follow-Up

We establish a schedule for a periodical re-evaluation of the situation. We measure our client's satisfaction and make sure to solve any problem that arises.