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Frequently Asked Questions


I ordered 1000 cheques and received 1100, why?

In commercial printing, there may always be a surplus (or deficit) in the quantity produced, usually 10%.

Most printers produce this surplus and take it into consideration when determining the selling price.

If you do not wish to have a surplus, you must inform us of this when you make your initial request.

Can I order your products online?

Printed products often have unique specifications making it impossible to have a price list.

However, we have created quote request forms specific to each product in order to be able to send you a quote as soon as possible.

What is the minimum quantity I can order?

The minimum quantity varies depending on the product ordered.

It is important to understand that quantity is a major factor in determining the selling price. Printing includes fixed costs. The more they are amortized over a large quantity, the more the selling price decreases.

It is therefore important to clearly define your needs in order to choose the right quantity to save in the long term rather than ordering the minimum.

However, some products have fixed sales units: envelopes are always sold in multiples of 500. Our stock products are sold according to their packaging.

That said, we are always listening to our customers. We have developed some printing solutions for cheque bases, parking tags and plastic cards, among others. These processes allow us to produce smaller quantities in-house than what is possible in the factory.

What are the forms of payment accepted ?

We accept payment by bank or Interac transfer, checks, Visa*, MasterCard* and Paypal*.

Please note that we do not have a terminal to process Interac or credit card payments. We don't have a cash register either. Cash payments must be made in the EXACT amount.

* Conditions may apply.


What are the benefits of working with a broker?

Our role is to select the supplier who can provide you with the best of elements: quality, price and service. We are on the lookout for the constraints and requirements of the different types of print production and can guide you in making choices that meet your needs.


Can I provide the graphic design?

Yes, we can work with the files you have on hand if they meet the specifications you will find in our “Resources” section.

What are the delivery times ?

For most orders, delivery times are around 10 working days after the final approval of the quote and the proof. In-stock products are usually shipped on the same day, unless it is a special order.