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Who We Are

Our Role as Broker

Formplus deals with a network of printers with competent personnel who diligently and professionally devote themselves to meeting your needs.

We entrust the production of printed materials to a network of specialized factories based on the type of material to be printed. They use the most recent technologies to reproduce quality documents.

Our role consists of choosing the supplier who can best meet the requirements of quality, price, and service.

Forms and Graphic Design

Our team of highly skilled graphic designers and variable content document technicians can create administrative and marketing documents to meet your expectations.

From branding to the publication of an annual report, we offer the service of graphic design for all your needs, at a fraction of the price you would pay by working with a marketing agency. Also, our vast experience in the printing industry allows us to design your documents according to prepress specifications, thereby avoiding additional costs and delays.

Founded in 1995, Formplus and its team have nearly fifty years of experience in the field of printing, business process management and graphic communications.

Our Team

Pierre Côté


Son of a printer, Pierre worked in the family printing house for fifteen years. For 35 years he has been active as a printing broker, the last 25 of which with Formplus, which he founded with his wife Manon Chaussé.

Being a resource person for his team, Pierre passes on his knowledge to his successors and continues to offer unparalleled service to his clients.

Manon Chaussé Côté

Head of Administration and Accounting

Previously active in the banking sector, Manon assisted Pierre in sales for ten years and has been in charge of the accounting and administration of the company since its foundation in 1995.

Julie Côté

Graphic Designer

Julie is a graduate of the preprint computer graphics program at Collège Ahuntsic. She is the third generation of the Côté family in the field of printing. Since 2001, she has been responsible for the design, verification and prepress of computer graphics files. Over the years, she has been involved in taking orders and running the business, so she has been Vice President since 2015.

Manon Rivest

Variable Document Specialst