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Formplus can support you in the planning, management, design and printing of your fundraisong campaigns. We can also do nominative printing and mailing.

Campaign plan
· The client determines their campaign plan
  and segmentation
· Preparing for data extraction
· Creation of SmartGive links
· Data transmission to Formplus

· Verification of data, sorting if necessary
· Planning the next steps of the campaign

· Design of forms and envelopes or a postcard
· Color printing of documents and envelopes
· Customization of requested amounts
· Name printing of forms or postcards
· Mailing


The newsletter is the central tool of a fundraising campaign. In addition to communicating the reasons why you are asking for help from your donors, it can also be an opportunity to share the use of past donations by your organization and offer testimonials from beneficiaries.

The newsletter can have several formats and can contain a personalized donation coupon. This will be an incentive by lightening the donor’s task. Certain elements, such as the donor number or a barcode, will be useful when entering donation data or making a donation online using a hyperlink (QR code).


An attractive mailing envelope that is clearly identified with your organization is essential to the effectiveness of your fundraising campaign.

This must be opened by the potential donor!

A window envelope makes addressing easier. If you have an account with Canada Post, printing a postal sticker can simplify billing for postage.

Other Documents

Your campaign can include documents other than a newsletter. Depending on the information you need to transmit, you can send a complete report of your activities or a simple postcard.

For your holiday campaign or on the donor’s birthday, you can send a greeting card.

Email Campaign

You can also opt for a digital campaign.

Your donation request can be sent by email.

This method is more economical and more environmentally friendly.

Email sending
· Design of the sending email
· Personalized email in the name of the donor

Added SmartGive link
· Personalized hyperlink that takes the donor to a pre-filled online donation form.
· Eliminates the processing of donations received by mail.

Follow-up by email
· Increased campaign effectiveness
· Low cost of email communication

Following the campaign, some mass email applications provide you with campaign performance statistics, such as the number of emails opened or the number of clicks leading to a link.

Receipts for Tax Purposes

Processing receipts for tax purposes and donation acknowledgments

Depending on the donor’s preference, their tax receipt can be sent to them by email or by mail. A PDF can also be provided to make it accessible to the donor.

Send by email
· Personalized email in the name of the donor
· Sending the receipt attached to the thank you email
· Short processing time
· Low cost

Sending by post
· Design of the receipt, envelope and thank you letter
· Name printing in colour
· Mailing

Foundations - Fundraising Campaign