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Our Services

At Formplus, we want to offer MORE than printing: we want to offer our customers a complete shopping experience by guiding them through the process. Our experience in the field of printing and the management of administrative documents allows us to advise our clients by presenting them the ideal product for their needs. We offer turnkey solutions, from design to delivery.

  • Consulting services
  • Graphic design
  • Variable content documents
  • Reproduction and printing by name
  • Mailing Services

Our expertise

Over the years, we have developed several fields of expertise, often specific to a particular area of practice. We have long been the main supplier of several professional orders for the management of their membership. We have not only developed printing and transmission solutions, we have also managed the printing of various forms, envelopes and membership cards.

Even though membership management has now migrated to the web, the expertise acquired over more than 20 years can easily be applied to other fields.

We have supported certain professional orders in the process elections:

- Printing and sending of the election notice and candidates' CVs;
- Printing of ballot papers, voting envelopes and return envelopes;
- Mailing management

We have carried out, often in close collaboration with DonerPerfect, several fundraising campaigns for various foundations. In their case, too, we had the forms and envelopes printed. In addition, we have developed nominative printing solutions, we have printed the nominative forms and we managed the mailing.

We have implemented several solutions for issuing membership or certification cards, printed at Formplus and sent to the member or user on short notice.

- Development of a solution for the transmission of customer data to Formplus and nominative documents to be produced
- Printing of card bases, letter bases and envelopes
- Nominative printing and mailed on a daily basis, or according to a frequency established by the customer.

We also developed a solution for printing small quantities of ID or employee cards, which seemed to be very difficult for other card makers to produce.