Pressure Sensitive Labels


Big or small quantities,
we have a solution for you!

 We offer stock or made-to-measure labels:

  ·  Blank or printed;
  ·  For laser printers, dot matrix printers or
hermal transfer printers.
  ·  Continuous, in sheets or in rolls;
  ·  Permanent or removable adhesive;
  ·  Cut to shape;
  ·  With numbers or barcodes.



There are three elements in the construction of a self-stick label:

·  Paper;
·  Adhesive;
·  Backing paper coated with silicone.

  • Shipping Labels

    These labels identify packages.

    The information can be printed with any type of printer:

    ·  ink jet;
    ·  laser;
    ·  dot matrix;
    ·  thermal transfer.

  • Product Labels

    These labels identify products that you commercialize.

    They can contain a bar code printed on the label or which can be reproduced at the same time as variable data, such as a manufacturing code or expiry date.

  • Laser/Ink Jet Printer Labels

    There are several uses for this product such as:

    ·  Mailing;
    ·  Product labelling;
    ·  Expediting.

    These labels can be pre-printed or blank.

    Pre-printed Labels
    These labels usually have a common printed image, while the laser or ink jet printer reproduces the variable information.

    Stock Laser/Ink Jet Labels
    We stock a variety of plain labels that are compatible with the Avery brand. These products are sold in boxes of 250 sheets.

    For a complete list of the available formats, please consult the Stock Products section of our website.

  • Dot Matrix Printer Labels

    These labels identify packages and provide information that will be affixed to the documents or products.

    Stock Dot Matrix Labels

    We stock a variety of labels in continuous format. This product is accordion folded for printing by this type of printer. Several formats are available in single or multiple columns. These products are sold in boxes of 5,000 labels, depending on the number of columns.

    For a complete list of the available formats, please consult the Stock Products section of our website.

  • Thermal Transfer Printer Labels

    This type of printer has a heated printing head. Miniature heating elements are spaced evenly across the width of the printing head to reproduce variable information on the label.

    Two methods of reproduction are possible:

    Thermal Transfer

    This method uses a transfer ribbon containing black or colour ink. This single-use ribbon permanently reproduces the data, logos or bar codes on the labels.

    Thermal Imagery

    This printing method uses the same heated digital printing head that reproduces the image by heating the label paper imbued with a heat-sensitive coating.

    This method is generally used to print labels with a short lifespan such as those for weighing products, identification labels on transport boxes, show tickets, numbered lots, and more.

    This method is less expensive than the thermal transfer method since the ink is incorporated in the paper.

    Uses for this Type of Printer

    These printers use labels in rolls that can be distributed one by one as they exit the printer, put back in rolls, or stacked in sheets.

    This type of printer can also be incorporated in an assembly-line labelling system that applies the labels on the products. In some cases, the labelling system is linked to an electronic scale that can put data, such as the weight and price, on the label.

    Labels For Thermal Transfer Printers
    These labels generally contain a common image printed in colour, while the thermal transfer printer reproduces the variable data.

    Stock Thermal Printer Labels
    We stock a variety of labels in rolls. This product is conditioned depending on the diameter of the spindle and the maximum diameter accepted by your printer.

    You must specify the make and model of your printer when ordering.

    We also supply printing tapes for thermal transfer printers. Different widths and colours are available.

    For a complete list of the available formats, please consult the Stock Products section of our website.

  • Numbered Labels

    Labels can be numbered during manufacturing or afterwards during printing.

    We use variable content printing systems that allow us to reproduce almost any format of numbers or barcodes.

    The following reproduction processes are available:

    ·  Impact
    ·  Ink jet
    ·  Laser
    ·  Dot matrix
    ·  Thermal transfer

    Numbered Labels
    Label numbering:
        -  with a bar code and self-verifying number;
        -  with normal characters via laser or ink jet;
        -  with small or big numbers, as needed.

    Equipment Identification Labels
    Several types of materials, such as polyester and vinyl, can be used to manufacture this type of product.

    Some of these films are available in a “destructible” option that makes it possible to see that the label has been peeled off.

    The label can be pre-numbered or not, with or without a bar code, and printed with the printer of your choice.

  • Printing of Price Labels


    Formplus now offers to print your price labels!

    Our labels with removable adhesive are an ideal solution for florists, gift shop or any company wishing to label their products with the possibility of removing the labels without a trace.

    - Waterproof polypropylene label when exposed to a small amount of water, such as a floral arrangement.

    - Size of 2" x 1.375"

    - 2 labels wide

    - On-demand printing

    - In rolls to facilitate labeling

    Without a minimum quantity requirement, we are able to print your price labels according to your needs: small quantities for your small-scale products and larger quantities for your best sellers! 

    We offer 2 types of labels, with or without a detachable part.