Variable Content Documents

 variable content document is an administrative or promotional document in which we integrate data provided by your business applications.
It consists of a modular approach for managing the distribution and printing of transactional and variable content documents.

A variable content document is an administrative or promotional document in which we integrate data provided by your business applications.

It consists of a modular approach for managing the distribution and printing of transactional and variable content documents.

The PlanetPress Suite can easily create and print transactional and promotional documents with variable content, in addition to offering more advanced distribution and printing process functionalities.

Documents designed with the PlanetPress Suite can be printed, archived, emailed and faxed via a sophisticated distribution management process, PlanetPress Watch.

Design your transactional, promotional and transpromotional documents in colour or black and white to give your client only the information it wants to see. For a maximum return on the investment, transform your transactional documents and promotion tools.

The PlanetPress Suite is composed of modular applications. Each suite module can be implemented separately, making it possible to tailor the solution to each business.


  Eliminates printing and stocking preprinted forms.

  Allows for easy and spread out printing management
transactional documents.

  Increases the response time and increases
fidelity thanks to the personalization of the

  Makes it possible to convert invoices and
transactional documents into promotional support.

  High-speed printing of complex documents.

  Data input from most hosts, notably databases
to native ODBC and XML format.

  Eliminates errors caused by manual interventions.

  Offers more flexibility.

Moreover, exploit web technologies to optimise your business processes or communicate with external e-commerce applications.

Our Role As An Integrator

Formplus has implemented communication solutions with the PlanetPress Suite since 1986.

You can benefit from our expertise acquired during projects developed for 200 of our clients.

Our functions:

        - Analyze
        - Design
        - Implement
        - After sales service
        - Outsourcing document distribution

Offer these services to our clients:

        - Printing
        - Distributing and archiving.

Solutions by sector:

        - Financial services
        - Graphic arts and publicity
        - Insurance
        - Logistics
        - Manufacturing
        - Distribution and retail sales
        - Supply chain management
        - Transports
        - Public services
        - Organisations and associations
        - Governmental and parapublic organizations

Business solutions:

        - Workflow automation
        - Document design
        - Information extraction
        - Integrated archiving
        - Distributing in multiple ways
        - Promotional printing
        - Web-to-print

Transactional Documents

Replacement of multi-sheet forms, invoices and forms for sales, expediting and storage, cheques, reports, insurance documents, financial documents, ...

Promotional Documents

Targeted advertising, mass mailings, rebate coupons, postcards, folders, tickets, certificates, letters, ...

Case Studies

Explore the PDF explaining how variable content documents were implemented in various industries.

Examples Of Variable Content Documents

Explore the PDF showing concrete examples of variable content documents.

  • PlanetPress Suite

    Printing of variable data, automating of processes, management of outputs and distributed printing.

    Simplify your processes, reduce your costs and improve the quality of your documents to mirror your corporate image.


    Objectif Lune’s Planet Press Suite brings printing to a whole new level. It is a complete and integrated software solution that allows for the easy design and printing of variable content documents with an advanced and automated process and output management functionality. Its modular approach can be tailored to your business needs. Documents created with PlanetPress Suite can be printed in high volume on any printer, archived, emailed, or faxed within a sophisticated output management program.

    Business Applications

    Create your transaction, promotional, or transpromotional documents in full colour or black and white to give your client only the information it wants to see. For a maximum return on the investment, transforms your transactional documents into promotional tools.

    Process Data Flows from Any Windows Application

    Input files sent from standard Windows applications such as Great Plains and Crystal Report, convert their content into simple text, and use the resulting data file as input for PlanetPress Design documents.

    Reuse and easily stabilize data for creating commercial reports that fit the needs of your organization and automate their distribution to appropriate channels.

    Communicate with External, E-commerce or Web Applications

    HTTP server

    PlanetPress Watch and PlanetPress Server can now natively process the content of online forms to respond to requests in real-time.

    HTTP client

    PlanetPress Watch and PlanetPress Server can actively communicate with a third party web service, then launch a process based on the server’s response.

    You can also automate the monitoring of any web server and reorientate the data online in real time.

    SOAP compatibility

    PlanetPress Watch and PlanetPress Server now interact directly with SOAP applications, such as those used in secure data transfer on the internet (HTTPS). The interconnectivity with the standard business applications, such as those for managing the relation of the clientele and ERP, is also taken into effect.

    Email, Fax, Find and Retrieve Information

    Create PDF, TIFF, and JPG images of your documents to automatically archive, email or fax them. An index file is also created for finding and retrieving specific pages in the printing flow via an integrated search engine or a third party electronic document (EDM) system.

    Optimal Printing On PostScript Printers

    For repetitive printing jobs and high volume printing cycles of purely transactional or transpromotional documents, use native PostScript on licensed printers. Stock the printer with the forms and only send the data at the moment of printing to reduce bandwidth pressure so you can benefit from maximum speed.

    Printing from Any Printer

    In addition to native PostScript, you can also take advantage of unlimited printing from any printer (by using Optimised PostScript or Windows printing), including thermal, ink jet and laser technologies. Make maximum use of finishing options offered by all printers, perfect for your ad hoc and day to day printing needs.

    Automated Document Output and Broadcasting Management

    Automate your procedures to greatly improve your workflow and easily do cluster and distributed printing, locally or remotely. You can also adapt workflow management and the distribution of your documents to suit your business processes. Provide documents that meet the needs of your consumers by using their preferred broadcasting method (mail, email, fax). All this without human intervention.

  • Broadcasting Tools

    Automated output and document distribution management for PostScript printers.


    Design and flexible printing of variable content documents from your iSeries server and your As400 systems.


    Automated management of document distribution and unlimited printing on all types of printers, PostScript or Windows.


    Electronic image creation for archiving, emailing and faxing.


    This functionality exclusive to the PlanetPress Suite allows for the integration of a native XML data flow on any PostScript printer just like any data formats presently supported. 

    Offers flexible printing to UNIX and LINUX users via a Windows printing drive from BrightQ Pro.