Our Mission

-  To be on top of new technologies of form design
    and reproduction.

-  To master the main facets of the different administrative
procedures and know their evolution.

-  To listen to clients, know them well, and grasp their needs.

-  To propose solutions favoring:
      ·  a constant graphic image;
      ·  the optimization of systems and administrative
      ·  a reduction of costs.

-  To focus on quality and perfection in all steps of the process
    down to 
the smallest detail.

-  To provide a quick and courteous service.


Our Clients

About 400 clients in the following groups:

-  Businesses

-  Retail outlets

-  Distribution centres

-  Hospitals and Health and Social Services Centres

-  Government and parapublic organizations

-  Professional orders and associations

-  Foundations and non-profit organizations