Our Role as A Printing Broker

Formplus deals with a network of factories with competent personnel diligently and professionally devotes itself to meeting your needs.

We entrust the production of printed materials to a network of specialized factories based on the type of material to be printed. They use the most recent technologies to reproduce quality documents.

Our role consists of choosing the supplier who can best meet the requirements of quality, price, and service.

Our Expertise

With forty years experience in the domains of graphic communications and administration, we offer our clients judicious advice in the following domains:

   Needs analysis;


   Form management;

   Sale and production of printed materials;

   Laser printing solutions.


Forms and Graphic Design

Our team of highly skilled graphic designer and variable content documents technicians can create administrative and marketing documents to meet your expectations.

From branding to the publication of an annual report, we offer the service of graphic design for all your needs, at a fraction of the price you would pay by working with a marketing agency. Also, our vast experience in the printing industry allows us to design your documents according to prepress specifications, thereby avoiding additional costs and delays.

Our Role as A Variable Content Documents Integrator

We use the most recent communication and reproduction techniques. 

We offer solutions that will enable you to:

   Laser print;



   Archive and retrieve produced documents.


Needs Analysis

The meticulous analysis of our clients' needs enables us to offer solutions that improve:

   Administrative effectiveness;

   Communication quality;


A study shows that the cost of purchasing forms represents about 5% of their usage cost. Our approach consists of proposing administrative solutions that make it possible to reduce the other costs.