We offer many cheque formats according to our clients’ needs as well as the equipment they own. All our cheque are printed on security paper and may include many security features such as:

·  Microcaracters
·  Fluorescent inks
·  Invisible inks and fibres
·  Metallic hot stamping
·  Micro embossing

All our cheques are compliant with the norms established by the Canadian Payment Association.

Manual Cheque

We offer the printing of manual cheques, similar to the ones offered by financial institutions.



 Possible uses for manual cheques: 

- you issue very little cheques;
- you have no software to issue cheques;
- you have to quickly issue a cheque, 
  outside of your accounting software;

- you issue cheque outside of the office;
- you need personal cheques.

Please note that you offer only one cheque design.

Available in multiple of 50 cheques.



Add a logo in black for $20.00. 

The customer must supply a vector file. 

To Order
To order, please send a cheque specimen (scan or photograph) to:
call us at 1 844 818-9393. 

We will send you proof for approval before proceeding. 

Production delay is 2 business days. 

Laser Cheque

Laser cheques are designed according to the software used by the client as well as the organization’s graphic image. Only the data is printed by the user.

Snap Set or Continuous Cheques

Snap set cheque are filled out by hand while are used with a dot-matrix printer. They can be manufactured as a single copy or multicopy form. The original is always printed on cheque paper.


Variable Content Document Bases

Variable content document bases are used in conjunction with our printing solutions for laser forms. They consist of a screened background and the company’s logo. They are available with 1 or 2 detachable stubs. We also offer plain bases for users with multiples bank accounts.